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Dermaroller & Mesotherapy

Dermaroller And Mesotherapy In DelhiWhat is the Dermaroller?

The dermaroller is a microneedling technique used to break down the old scar tissue and stimulate formation of new collagen and blood vessels.

How is the treatment performed?

The area to be treated is cleaned first and then topical anesthetic cream may be applied to numb the skin which makes the procedure relatively painless. After this, dermaroller is rolled over the affected area till a uniform redness is visible. The dermatologist can also suggest application of some actives like platelet rich plasma, growth factors along with it to improve its efficacy and obtain better results.

How often the Dermaroller treatment can be repeated?

Dermaroller treatment is usually recommended for hair therapy, scars and facial rejuvenation and needs to be done at an interval of 15 days to get the desired results.

How does the dermaroller help in acne scars?

The Dermaroller causes a controlled micro injury to the skin, which in turn stimulates the formation of new collagen and new blood vessels into the treated area thereby improves the appearance and texture of the scars. It is also effective for reducing pigmentation and helps in skin rejuvenation.

How does the dermaroller help in hair loss?

The scalp is a thick tissue, and most of the hair stimulating molecules need to be delivered to the hair follicles base which is about 0.5 mm deep. The Dermaroller helps in delivering these molecules by creating microchannels through which the actives can directly reach their point of action. The treatment also increases the blood circulation of the scalp, this brings more nutrition to the hair roots.

Mesotherapy (stem cell based)

Stem cells are the cells which have the ability to divide in culture and to give rise to specialized cells. Stem cells can be developed into many different new cell types. When we put stem cells in body, these cells divides, to generate new cells such as new skin and hair cells or can repair the damaged tissue.

Stem cell supplements brings essential anti-ageing, health & beauty benefits by providing necessary elements to the body to improve cellular regeneration, organ rejuvenation and tissue healing.

Mesotherapy is used in various conditions like

  • Wrinkles
  • Hair loss
  • loose skin
  • Ageing skin
  • Acne scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Skin atrophy
  • Burn scars
  • Accidental scars
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