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Moles or Nevi or Skin Tags

What are moles or nevi?

Moles, Nevi, skin tags, dermatologist In DelhiMoles, medically known as melanocytic nevus (the plural form being nevi) are natural and most common growth in human beings. They are formed due to the alteration in the skin pigmentation cells called melanocytes. These are either present by birth or appear later in life.

What are skin tags?

They are growth of skin which are seen due to alteration in skin growing cells.

What causes moles?

Moles occurs usually due to clustering of the pigment cells instead of uniform distribution resulting in formation of a dark bump or spot. Other causes can be sun exposure, hormonal imbalance, family history. Moles may appear in different shapes and sizes. And can change their size, shape, colour and texture under various factors like sun exposure, hormonal imbalance, application of some corrosive agents etc.

What are the symptoms?

Moles or skin tags are usually symptom-less and are like a static black or brown spot. Moles can be raised become noticeable, or may contain dark hair. They can appear anywhere on the skin. They are mostly brown or black in colour and can vary in shape and size and become dark due to the exposure in the sun, pregnancy and also sometimes due to therapies that contain certain drugs. They are usually less than 1 cm but if they rapidly grown in number or size or bleed then immediately consult your dermatologist.

Moles or Nevi or skin tags Treatment at skin n laser centre in Delhi

Most of the moles on the body are harmless and require no treatment. However, they can be surgically removed in case of cosmetic concern.

Skin n laser has excellent laser techniques for removal of benign and malignant moles by experienced dermatologist to ensure minimal discomfort and rapid recovery for patients.

Co2 laser is the most advanced laser which we use for mole or skin tag removal.

How does CO2 (Carbon dioxide) Laser work?

It is a painless procedure in which a numbing cream is applied 20 mins prior to the procedure and then laser beam is given to the mole which penetrates the skin painlessly and disrupts the pigment cells and causes skin resurfacing and removes mole with very less scarring.

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