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Hair Transplant

Best Hair Transplant Clinic In DelhiHair fall and baldness are very common problem. If properly treated, falling of hair can be stopped and we can regain hair up to 20-30% only. But if hairs are already gone then hair transplant is the only effective & safe medical way to restore hair.

Permanent: The hair growth is natural and permanent. We take hair follicles from back of scalp (occipital region) and these hairs usually don't shed as these are not affected by hormone which causes falling of hair.

Safe: It's a few hours’ surgery done under local anaesthesia. After transplant patient can do normal activities and can wash the head after 3 days.

Hair re- grow time: After transplant roots take 4 months to start growing and actual hair appear after 6 to 8 months, and then we can have desired growth.

No extra care: No extra care is required for growth of hair. You can wash, trim, tie hair in any manner. These are original hair.

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