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What is vitiligo?

Vitiligo treatment in delhi, Vitiligo Symptoms, Vitiligo surgeryVitiligo is pigmentory disorder in which the pigment producing cellsin the skin (melanocytes) are destroyed resulting in a white patchand can occur on any body part.

What are the Symptoms of Vitiligo?

People having vitiligo usually notice white patches on their skin. These patches are more commonly found on areas where body is exposed to the sun, including hands, feet, arms, face, and lips.

The patch is usually symptomless. However, mild itching or redness on sun exposure are very common symptoms.

Vitiligo generally appears in one of three patterns:

  • Focal pattern - depigmentation limited to one or only a few areas
  • Segmental pattern - depigmented patches that develop on one side of the body
  • Generalized pattern - the most common pattern. Depigmentation occurs symmetrically on both sides of the body.

Who are more prone to vitiligo?

Although the course of vitiligo is unpredictable but some triggering factors are:

  • Chronic sun exposure or Family history
  • Diabetes mellitus or Thyroid diseases
  • Frequent contact with chemicals (phenol) orapplication of some strong bleaching agents
  • Weak immune system or Genetics and hereditary
  • Stress or Physical or chemical trauma

Vitiligo Treatment at skin n laser centre In Delhi

Patient must understand the nature andthe course of this disease unpredictable. A balanced nutritious diet with lot of vitamins and minerals are vital. Avoid stress, physical & chemical damage and other common triggers. Without proper treatment from a dermatologist, it can spread very rapidly and can be extensive, having a negative impact on psychosocial aspect of life.

We, at skin laser centre are expert in treating vitiligo with all the high advance therapies available.

Medical therapy - Tohalt the further damage and prevent the further extension.

Phototherapy - Activates the pigment producing cells (melanocytes) and helps to bring the color back.

Vitiligo surgery - This is usually done in a case of stable vitiligo i.eif the area of white patch has not increased in size or number since past 3 months. This is very effective for the patches on lips, hands, neck or eyes which are difficult to treat with medical therapy.

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