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dermatologist in Delhi - Vitiligo Treatment – Your Skin Is The Best Canvas of Your Life Painting; Paint It Pink!

Vitiligo Treatment – Your Skin Is The Best Canvas of Your Life Painting; Paint It Pink!

The twenties are the best time to enjoy your youthfulness, I guess. But, unfortunately, this disorder called Vitiligo develops mostly in the twenties; though, it can occur at any other age. For those who are affected with this disease must be aware of it better. Well! Vitiligo is a kind of disorder, in which, the skin develops white patches. It could appear in any parts of your body like hands, face, and neck, nostrils, around the mouth, navel, eyes, genitals, and abdomen. Unfortunately, the exact cause of this disorder is not known till date; it may be hereditary due to inherited genes, exposure to the sun or any other immune disorders. Our body has certain cells called Melanocytes, which produce pigment (color) in the skin. When these Melanocytes are destroyed, there occur white (colorless) patches on the skin. These patches can be as small as dots or bigger; they may or may not be spreading in nature. It’s very unpredictable. It’s not necessary that children from parents with Vitiligo will also have it; but, in many cases, they might inherit it from their parents. If Vitiligo is minor, the affected person can use cosmetics to camouflage his/her white patches. Thus, they can improve their appearance very easily and feel better about their appearance and looks. But, it can’t be applicable in every case. The affected persons with Vitiligo are often seen depressed and upset about their drastically changed looks. In such cases, finding a good doctor and collecting information about their problem become the foremost important task. Several questions start hitting your brain like – where can you find Dermatologist in Delhi to diagnose your problem of Vitiligo? How can you find a good Skin Specialist in Delhi? Hold on! You will get your answers. To identify the problem of Vitiligo, the doctors you approach might conduct various tests like taking out a small sample (biopsy) of the affected skin, eye examination, and/or blood tests.


Skin specialist in DelhiThough, there is no cure for Vitiligo; but, there are various treatment options available like narrowband UVB Light therapy, skin grafting, punch grafting and blister grafting. The good news is that you can now get these treatments conveniently by very eminent Dermatologist in Delhi. All you need to do is to log on to to reach out the most trusted Skin Specialist in Delhi. He owns one of the most advanced skin and laser centers of Delhi. Coming to various treatment methods as cited above, phototherapy is considered to be one of the most effective ones. This method includes exposing the skin to ultra-violet light from UVB lamps. If the spots are smaller, treatments can be done with a UVB lamp at home itself. For treating the larger area of your body UVB broadband and narrowband lamps are to be used in hospitals. In another method, called skin grafting, skin from some hidden part of the body called Donner area is removed and grafted over the Vitiligo affected part or the recipient area. A skin specialist can perform it in various ways. Punch grafting is a similar technique where surgeons take out small punches of healthy skin and graft it over Vitiligo skin, creating the small craters.


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