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dermatologist in Delhi - Moles: Should they be removed?

Moles: Should they be removed?

Moles are more often ignored regularity rather than aesthetic discrepancy. However, there are a few people who consider removing their moles for aesthetic purposes. Now, is that even possible? Can you get your mole removed? The answer is – “yes”. However, only knowing this much will not really help. Today, we will discover the details… Read more

dermatologist in Delhi - Psoriasis in Kids

Psoriasis in Kids

Psoriasis among children is not really that uncommon. Now, if your child is presently combating this particular skin condition, then one of your first responsibilities is to seek medical advice. A qualified dermatologist in Delhi will help you adopt a more systematic approach to the entire episode. We will actually explore more about this particular… Read more

dermatologist in Delhi - Does Stress Cause Eczema?

Does Stress Cause Eczema?

Though, not many are aware of the same, do be informed about the fact that stress is regarded as a trigger for eczema. This particular skin condition is characterized by red itchy skin. The breakouts can take place anywhere in your body including your hands and the portion behind your knees. With further inflammation, you… Read more

dermatologist in Delhi - A Few Hair Transplant Myths Busted

A Few Hair Transplant Myths Busted

Hair loss is a common phenomenon and so is hair transplant. Every other day, you come across rumours of this celebrity or the other resorting to hair restoration. Though baldness is celebrated with much elan worldwide, yet for most of us it’s our hair which adds to our glamour quotient. Needless to say, celebrities are… Read more


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