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dermatologist in Delhi - Vitiligo Treatment by Dermatologist in Delhi – Don’t Let the Pigment Depigment Your Confidence!

Vitiligo Treatment by Dermatologist in Delhi – Don’t Let the Pigment Depigment Your Confidence!

There are almost 3000 skin problems that can be treated with expertise by an experienced Dermatologist in Delhi. One of such skin problems is the Vitiligo problem of skin. In this sort of skin problem, basically what happens is that, the Melanocyte of the skin dies off. The melanin, which is the element that is responsible for the pigmentation in the skin and imparts the actual skin colour, dies as an effect of Vitiligo. There are varied places where Vitiligo can affect like eyes, mouth, and hair. The worst thing about this skin disorder is that it leaves the affected area discoloured throughout the life.

Causes and Symptoms of Vitiligo

The causes of this skin problem are yet to be discovered but as much as this skin problem is fathomed, understood and found is that this is basically an autoimmune problem where the immune system of the affected area becomes overactive and itself starts to destroy the melanin present in the skin tone; thus discolouring it. Still some very close reasons behind this problem are; genetic imbalance in oxidative stress, critical sunburn or cuts, exposure to harmful chemicals, neural and/or viral causes and hereditary reasons too. This non-contagious problem of skin is mostly seen in dark or tanned skinned people with no particular symptoms. Some grow small dots of white patchy skin, while others have them scattered all throughout a larger area.

How Is Vitiligo Treated?  Vitiligo Treatment

With the advancement of medical science and cosmetic treatments, Vitiligo also doesn’t seem to be a big problem any longer to an expert Dermatologist in Delhi. There are several treatments for this problem like Narrow-Band UVB Light Therapy, Skin Grafting, in which, the unaffected skin from the normal or hidden skin from the patient body is taken and grafted on the Vitiligo portion. Then there is yet another type of treatment, which is the Melanocyte Transplant, which involves the transfer of Melanocyte from a normal part of the patient’s body to the Vitiligo patches. Other types of this treatment involve Punch Grafting and Blister Grafting.

Myths Associated with Vitiligo

There are some myths prevalent with the problem of Vitiligo, they are as follows;

  • Vitiligo treatment is impossible while it’s evident that the treatment has brought good results to numerous patients.
  • Oral Psoralen, which is the basis of many Vitiligo treatments, is absolutely non-toxic to the liver.
  • The PUVA treatments for Vitiligo do not seem to cause any cancer to the skin.

Sideline the Side-Effects Associated with the Treatment by Contacting an Expert!

Alike all other skin treatments, the Vitiligo treatments do involve some kind of side-effects as well. After a treatment of the patchy skin, certain factors seem to evolve like streaks on your skin, thinning of the skin, visible blood vessels, acne, excess hair growth, contact dermatitis, skin irritation on alcohol consumption, and skin becoming more sensitive to sunlight as this Depigmentation treatment leaves the skin unprotected from sunlight. However, by getting the treatment from some experienced expert in the field, you can easily sideline any side-effects.

Dermatologist in DelhiOnce detected with the symptoms of Vitiligo, your general practitioner may refer you to a Dermatologist in Delhi. A well-experienced dermatologist in Delhi like Dr Sandesh Gupta ( would check with all your possibilities to recover from the problem and would suggest you a treatment procedure to recover from the problem. You may visit this online clinic website to get first-hand information on the treatment procedure.


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