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dermatologist in Delhi - The link between Vitiligo and your Heredity

The link between Vitiligo and your Heredity

It has been estimated that more than millions of people across the globe are affected by Vitiligo– a skin condition characterized by the loss of pigmentation. People with Vitiligo generally end up losing patches of pigmented skin – which, of course, is replaced by white, flat patches with round borders. The loss of pigmentation  might as well occur on small or large parts of your skin. If you are presently experiencing this particular skin condition you must be consulting a Dermatologist in Delhi. It would be advisable on your end to ensure that you are actually asking him about the various conditions that may lead to Vitiligo at the first place.

Does your heredity have any bearing on Vitiligo?

Today, we will be taking a look at ways in which your heredity may or may not lead to Vitiligo. Read on for details. In the course of the post we’ll try to figure out whether at all your genes have any bearing on the skin condition or not.

There are studies that do link Vitiligo with the gene though it cannot be claimed that there is substantial evidence to back these claims. Actually, there are very few patients who can remember anyone from their family having Vitiligo. There are around 10% of the sufferers who have a family history of Vitiligo.  For instance, there are twins that have been found with Vitiligo. Experts have pointed out that patients with Vitiligo are more likely to give birth to children having Vitiligo rather than the ones who do not have this skin condition. However, in no way, are we claiming that today if you have this skin condition you will definitely give birth to baby or babies with the same.

With the kind of data made available today, a dermatologist in Delhi will be able to tell you that around 30% of the patients actually have someone in the family with this skin condition. However, most of the patients do not have relatives that have this skin condition.

There are a few who beg to differ

There are, however, a few who argue that since this condition affects the dermal layer of the skin this shouldn’t have anything to do with DNA- hence there is no connection between this particular skin condition and heredity.

It is still advisable on your part to tell the dermatologist in Delhi  you are consulting about anyone in your family who has this condition. You never know but proper knowledge about your family history might as well help the dermatologist in Delhi in treating Vitiligo at the first place. After all, there are specialists who argue that Vitiligo can often be engendered by the poor immunity system of the patient. The lack of immunity, according to them often leads to the reduced or increased levels of melanin pigmentation. And, the weaker immune system is attributed to genetics – often.

Let us tell you that a credentialed dermatologist will definitely be able to throw more light on the possible link between Vitiligo  and heredity and make sure you remain an informed patient throughout.


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