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dermatologist in Delhi - Vitiligo Facts: As Weird as they can Get

Vitiligo Facts: As Weird as they can Get

Whether you have vitiligo or not, educating yourself about the not-so-uncommon skin condition won’t really harm you. Today we’ll offer you a rundown of weird facts about vitiligo that will make you see it in a different light from what you have been doing so far. So, let’s read on without further ado.

Weird facts about vitiligo which everyone should learn about

Do you know that people actually go to almost an unimaginable extent to treat vitiligo? Do you know that there are some weird food facts associated with the skin condition  as well? Do browse further through the post in order to find out more in this regard.

The tremendous treatment

As has already been mentioned above, patients actually go to great lengths to get treated for the condition. Ask an experienced dermatologist in Delhi and he will offer you further details regarding the same. Before that you can just read on here.

Now, what exactly are the common treatments for vitiligo? Medical therapy, vitiligo surgery and phototherapy are just a few names that immediately come to our mind. Tanning creams and ointments are suggested as well. However, even after knowing this, don’t be surprised if someone tells you that patients actually go on to treat portions that are not affected so that they end up matching the tone of the portions that are affected. The permanent solution doesn’t really allow you to enjoy sunshine much.


You might have noticed it carelessly without really realizing that the vitiligo patches do not really go on to appear on all areas in similar fashion. The patches appearing on variant areas of your skin might as well vary in accordance with shape and size. They are more apparent on a few areas. Usually the patches appearing near your mouth or genitals are more prominent than the ones appearing near your hands and wrists.

Celebs with Vitiligo

Perhaps vitiligo  becomes a more interesting subject when you start jotting down the names of stars who’ve had this skin condition. One of the famous personalities who come to our minds is Michael Jackson. It was early in the year 1986 that the much revered pop star went on to hint at him being affected by this skin condition. Much later, as the rumours of him resorting to skin bleaching grew he went on to reiterate his point while he was being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey.

What’s the fuss about the food?

Though a dermatologist in Delhi who you are consulting at present may not really be able to tell you about the definitive benefits of vitiligo diet (because there have not been many conclusive studies to start off with) a few studies still suggest that a balanced diet can actually go on to minimize risks of vitiligo. The balanced diet notably excludes all the foods that are likely to aggravate the skin condition at the first place.

Do make sure you are getting in touch with a credentialed dermatologist in Delhi  in order to be duly guided in this regard.


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