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dermatologist in Delhi - Treating Acne: Misconceptions to Get Rid of

Treating Acne: Misconceptions to Get Rid of

They aren’t really lying when they’re saying that there’s hardly anyone of us who has actually escaped an acne breakout in his adoloscence. The more common the skin condition – the more frequent the myths. Look up the internet and you will find a number of DIY remedies online. As has been seen in most of the cases, people “pick up remedies” arbitrarily without really finding out about the kind of acne to be thus treated.

Every home remedy will work for any kind of acne – this is perhaps one of the blatant misconceptions that one can have about acne. Talk to the best dermatologist in Delhi to figure out how it works. One should adopt a clear idea about the kind of acne one is experiencing before selecting a remedy. As simple as that. Provided below are a few other myths about acne.

The “generic” pimple treatment helps you address acne

Let us tell you that it offers only temporary treatment. You may feel like popping a whitehead on your chin. What will it lead to? It will offer some relief, release endorphins and lead to the reduction of the size of the pimple at first. However, do be informed that all these are temporary. That’s no permanent solution for your woes. In fact, though many people don’t know it, this particular measure actually leads to irritation – thereby putting your skin at risk of infection, which is, of course, difficult to treat later on.

Squeezing your acne helps

Another major – apparently very effective acne treatment – is to “squeeze” yourself out of your woes. No credentialed dermatologist in Delhi will actually offer this particular solution to anyone experiencing acne at the present moment. In fact, he will ask you to refrain from such activities primarily because of the fact that when you’re squeezing the pimple you’re actually forcing the debris and bacteria deeper into the follicle from the pore. The entire process leads to the spill of infected material beneath the skin.

The immediate outcome (of squeezing a pimple) is a nodule, which is red, hard and painful. The painful cyst or blemish may lead to the formation of a painfully inflamed lesion. A lesion develops with the creation of a membrane around the infection in the uppermost layer of your skin. The soft lump filled with fluid must be drained by a physician.

You should wash your face when you have acne

Yes. It’s true. People affected by acne are suggested to wash their faces in order to keep them clean. However, you are definitely making a mistake if you are washing your face too often. Keep your room cool during the night and wash your face twice daily—anything more than that will lead to more irritation.

Only teenagers have acne

Yes, it’s more prevalent among the teenagers. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that acne only affects the teenagers. As per American Academy of Dermatology, it does affect teenagers on a more frequent basis but children and adults are not really exempt form it earlier.

Do consult a qualified Dermatologist in Delhi to get rid of these myths.


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