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dermatologist in Delhi - Laser Hair Removal Services By Dermatologists And Skin Specialists Based In Delhi

Laser Hair Removal Services By Dermatologists And Skin Specialists Based In Delhi

Hair is both a hygiene and aesthetic issue for everyone, and dermatologists and skin specialists based in Delhi are tapping into this market so as to cater to people tired of unwanted hair growth.

Everyone gets tired of those repeated visits to the parlours with the extremely painful waxing procedures. Use a razor and you have thicker hair growing back, use a depilatory cream and your skin turns back. There’s really no respite for us women is there any? The burns on the skin when the wax is too hot, to those rashes and redness after a waxing session, and the itching after you shave your legs is just a few of the problems women encounter when trying to remove unwanted hair from their body and it’s a real challenge for everyone to be honest.

Laser: the solution to all your problems

Laser therapy is an effective and permanent solution to unwanted hair removal. A unidirectional ray of light is used to target hair, even the harder and coarser ones, and the undergrowth, and they are treated with the radiation and removed by the roots. Although this process requires a recovery period for as much as six weeks, wherein you can’t be exposed to the sun, the results are excellent and you can permanently bid adieu to those painful parlour trips and the excruciating bikini waxes too. Laser therapy is a rage in places like Delhi, where more and more dermatologists and skin specialists are providing these services at affordable and competitive prices. But as the clinics are mushrooming, you need to carefully examine the credentials of the dermatologist or skincare specialist to make sure you don’t get any side effects from the treatment and the professionals are qualified for the procedure.

Advantages of Laser hair treatments

This treatment is excellent for even facial hair and takes as long as a minute to remove upper lip hair. So those eye watering painful threading moments will no longer exist for you.

Dermatologists and skin specialists in Delhi also provide cooling gels, anti inflammatory lotions and other materials that help soothe your skin which naturally appears and feels like a sunburn soon after the laser procedure. But let me tell you, it is all worth the trouble. Avoid any waxing or electrolysis procedures before the laser sitting as this temporarily removes the roots and the hair follicle hence the laser treatment will not be effective. You get results after an average of 6 to 8 sittings and get smooth, hairless skin after the treatment. The accuracy with which the treatment is carried out is flawless too.

Laser hair removal today has become as common as a kidney stone removal procedure especially in places like Delhi where there is an abundance of Dermatologists and Skin Specialists offering attractive packages and highly trained personnel with state of the art equipment and assured results for the patients. So you should really go for this treatment if you too are tired of the unwanted hair.


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