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dermatologist in Delhi - How much do you know about Vitiligo?

How much do you know about Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is not a rare skin disorder. Most of us can remember coming across at least two or three people (right in our surroundings) with “whitish patches” on skin. Dermatologists describe vitiligo as a skin condition or pigmentation disorder caused by the destruction of pigment producing cells known as melanocytes.

Let us tell you that it’s not easy for people living with this skin condition. The visibly white patches not only affect their physical beauty but take a toll emotionally as well. There are several societal stigmas attached to this skin condition. Most of us think that it is contagious. Misconceptions like these make it more difficult for people with vitiligo to cope with their condition.

At times, the patients themselves feed on various myths. Holding thorough discussions with a credentialed Dermatologist in Delhi will help you distinguish between misconceptions and facts. It’s true that there are actually a lot of myths associated with vitiligoand it’s important to educate yourself about the same- and that’s true for everyone – irrespective of whether you are suffering from vitiligo or not. Even if you are not suffering from vitiligo, educating yourself about the same will at least help you drive away stigmas associated with the disorder. So, read on.

What is the cause of vitiligo?

One of the blatant myths relates to the cause of the skin disorder itself. There are people who actually believe that the skin disorder occurs because of some wrong doing or by patting dogs that have white spots on their heads. A Dermatologist in Delhiwill definitely explain to you the scientific reason behind the cause. We have already told you about that in the first paragraph only.

Vitiligo does not imply poor intelligence or physical weakness

Do you know that there are people who have even gone on to the extent of claiming that vitiligo patients are actually less capable from the ones that don’t have this disorder? Much contrary to popular belief, people with vitiligo are not unintelligent or physically weak or physically dysfunctional. The fact is – the particular disorder we are talking about here actually does not have any effect on brain or physical prowess. Their effects are restricted to the skin only.

Vitiligo and diet: What’s the connection?

The much hyped relationship between “wrong foods” and vitiligo has literally got no substance in it. You will actually come across people claiming that a combination of the wrong foods and drinking milk right after consuming fish can result in vitiligo.

Once again, that’s a myth. Vitiligo, in reality, has actually no relation with diet at all. There are some people who will unnecessarily go on to deprive vitiligo patients from lemon, pickles, curd, tomatoes just in the wrong hope of faster cure. Now that you know that doing all this will not really be of any help, you should stop doing anything which you think amounts to depriving the vitiligo patients of something which they don’t need to stay away from.

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