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dermatologist in Delhi - How can a dermatologist in Delhi help you with Botox and Fillers? Find out!

How can a dermatologist in Delhi help you with Botox and Fillers? Find out!

Botox has emerged as a much discussed phenomenon today. The popularity of this particular skin treatment can jolly well be attributed to our favorite movie stars whose rumored “botox” exploits are often written about. However, there are many among us who do not even have the due knowledge of what it actually is – or for that matter why exactly it is performed. Today, we will find out more about botox and fillers and also discover how a credentialed dermatologist in Delhi can help you with treatment. Read on to find out.

What is botox and what do you need to find out about it before resorting to it?

Botox, to start off with, very simply is the brand name of a protein made from a kind of bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. Botulism, in turn, is a kind of food poisoning caused by the microbe. The sufferer may experience this problem (i.e. food poisoning) in either small or large measure. The Botox injections are a very integral part of anti-aging skin care regime because they are applied to eliminate facial wrinkles. Actually, it will not really be right to say that botox injections can remove facial wrinkles completely but they can definitely soften severe wrinkles.

Before, you step inside the clinic of the most reputable dermatologist in Delhi, you would definitely want to acquaint yourself with the fact that botox is essentially a non-surgical treatment entailing the insertion of prefilled protein injections on your skin muscles. This reduces the contraction of facial muscles – which in turn, leads to the reduced appearance of wrinkles. It is a painless procedure- much to the patient’s relief!

The dermatologist in Delhi, treating you, will cleanse the area to be treated at first and then will go on to apply a numbing cream. After an hour or so of which the numbing cream is applied, the dermatologist will start working on the area to be treated. He will inject protein in the area which is not vulnerable to aches or swelling. However, you may end up experiencing minor bruises.

As far as special post care treatment is concerned, let us tell you that you will not need anything of that sort. The effects are visible within three to five days and will stay on till around four to six months.

Dermal Fillers

Those willing to explore the merits of dermal fillers should acquaint themselves with the procedure as well. Fillers refer to a non-surgical painless cosmetic treatment availed to secure a more youthful appearance. They are known to restore the volume of lips. Dermal fillers are known to contain purified form of Hyaluronic acid – which again is a natural skin component which we start losing with age.

It is important on your end to consult a credentialed dermatologist in Delhi, who, of course, is well adept at carrying out botox or filler treatment without hassle. The services of the dermatologist chosen by you should ideally be backed by great reviews and, of course, personal recommendations as well.


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