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dermatologist in Delhi - Hair Loss Treatments Provided By Dermatologists And Skin Specialists Based In Delhi

Hair Loss Treatments Provided By Dermatologists And Skin Specialists Based In Delhi

Hair loss has become so widespread that dermatologists and skin specialists in Delhi are providing special services to deal with this menace. The low self-esteem and low confidence levels have compelled even the people to avail services to get rid of the baldness because nobody wants to hear all those jeers and taunts by friends onlookers and relatives. There are so many techniques available in the clinics from hair weaving to hair transplants to various formulations for hair growth that this is fast becoming a sought after avenue in terms of skincare and lifestyle.

Hair Transplants performed by Dermatologists and Skin Specialists in Delhi

When you have a generous amount of hair already present on your body you can utilize it to deal with your baldness, yes that’s possible. Through Hair Transplantation. Prevalent since the 1950s, this surgery has since, evolved and become more popular. You could go through 2 ways of this easy procedure and that will depend on the extent of hair loss and density of hair on your head. The methods are namely follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) or follicular unit extraction (FUE).

You need local anaesthesia administration for both processes. And the fundamental difference between the above two techniques is basically the transplanting material that is used. In FUSS, a part of your scalp is excised out and your hair is grafted onto your scalp and the scalp is stitched together while in FUE the hair follicles are taken out from hair dense areas and planted over the target area. The breach in continuity of the skin is healed over time, and this brief procedure will take just 8 hours to get done.

Precautionary measures include administering antibiotic creams, ointments, pills and anti inflammatory lotions as well as tablets and capsules to relieve the area and initiate the healing process. It will take time for your scalp to heal completely and the transplanted hair will fall away after some weeks while you will see new growth in a few months. The healing is a time taking process and patience is really required in order to avail this treatment.

Another modality is the latest PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma, which has a storehouse of regenerative cells that restore your scalp with hair in much lesser time with much less invasive procedures and good healing potential. The totipotent stem cells can replicate your hair as it was normally and this procedure is also a much more convenient procedure and involves your own body products hence less harmful too.


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