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dermatologist in Delhi - Few Methods Of Intervention By Skin Doctor In East Delhi Providing Results In Wrinkles

Few Methods Of Intervention By Skin Doctor In East Delhi Providing Results In Wrinkles

Troubled by the appearances of wrinkles on the face and skin on other parts of the body, many people try out various methods to get rid of these irregular lines. They use chemicals and other ointments in the hope that there would be relief from such folds on the skin, also falling for the different cosmetic products being advertised by many companies. But, the real solution for marked out wrinkles can be found with the dermatologist in East Delhi, who will help the removal of the wrinkles with use of injections and fillers of different types. These when injected in a selective manner by the best dermatologist in East Delhi, will help for aesthetic enhancement, but for a few months only, as these are not considered to be permanent solutions.

Botox as a popular method for filling up under skin areas for wrinkle treatments

But still, many people wish to have the issues covered for a few months, after which they can repeat the procedure or choose to adopt some other methodology. Therefore, for wrinkle treatments, people can go for consultation with the skin specialist in East Delhi, whereby the right procedure can be finalised and then only other techniques can be undertaken. Botox cosmetic injections are probably the most commonly used for wrinkle treatments. These are very much popular among the people, especially because there are no side effects. This injection works by temporarily immobilising the muscles and skin layers which are responsible for the wrinkles.

Collagen as an alternative for wrinkle therapies

Collagen has been considered by the skin doctor in East Delhi for the patients suffering from wrinkles. For temporary purposes, this particular methodology has been of much help as collagen fills up the skin areas making these flattened and smoother. In fact, collagen usage has been quite famous with various kinds of cosmetic procedures, where this substance is filled up to give fullness to the specific parts of the body.

Few other options to be injected into the skin for wrinkle therapies with expert hands

Similar to the collages are the hyaluronic acid fillers, which can be also injected at specific points, so as to augment and smoothen the skin. This is an effective way to wrinkle free skin, while providing the advantage of fewer allergic reactions. Calcium hydroxylapatite fillers are also quite effective in wrinkle treatments by skin specialist in East Delhi because of their nature to stimulate collagen production and then fill up the wrinkled spaces. This is a good method because of long term effects. If fat particles are filled into a place where wrinkles are formed, it would push up the skin and remove wrinkles. This is a good method adopted by the best dermatologist in East Delhi, for helping out most patients with the problems of wrinkling of the face and skin. These methods are quite varied for wrinkle treatments and hence have different costs, for which there is a choice in front of the patients to choose their skin specialist in East Delhi and undergo through various procedures.


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