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Breast Lift – Filler for Fuller Look!

A full and firm breast is a sign of good health, beauty, youth and confidence; but as you age, your breasts become saggy and drooping due to various reasons; such as – pregnancy, smoking, obesity, natural aging process, gravity and hormonal changes. The clinical term for sagging of female breasts is called ‘breast ptosis.’ But you don’t need to worry, because there are various techniques available to uplift your saggy breasts. Every year, a large number of women are going for such breast uplift surgeries to regain the size, shape, beauty and contour of their breasts that they once had in their youth. The medical term for breast lifting surgery and process is “mastopexy”. Get yourself treated from the best dermatologist in Delhi, Dr. Sandesh Gupta. His clinic provides holistic treatment for various kinds of skin and cosmetic related problem including skin rejuvenation, fat removal, tattoo removal, breast augmentation, laser hair removal, breast lift and various others for solving related skin problems. Log on to to find more about the treatments and to book your appointment.

Procedure of Breast Lift

Breast Lift, Dermatologist in DelhiNormally the operation takes between two and three hours. Your surgeon will make several cuts on your breasts to remove the skin from around your areola or from under your breasts. Your nipples may be moved to position them on right places from the displaced site. Also the size of your areola may be reduced to suit the new shape. Many times, doctors also perform breast enlargement or reduction simultaneously; if needed as per the cases. In breast reduction, fat muscles are removed or sucked out from the site of deposition; whereas, in breast implants, extra stuff like silicone is inserted in the breasts. This is done to give a perfect shape to your breasts. Finally, the doctor will close the cuts with fine stitches for minimum signs or scars.

Post Surgery

best dermatologist, breast lifting surgeryPost surgery, you will have some kind of swelling and pain that would heal in a week’s time. Your doctor will wrap a bandage around your breast and insert drainage tube for a temporary period of time. Follow all the instructions from your doctor seriously. Following your bust lift therapy, you’ll be asked to wear supporting surgical bra/garment to minimize swelling and pain. It is advised and suggested to take at least one week’s off from your workplace, in case you are working. Meet your doctor on scheduled appointments. Most possibly, your doctor would instruct you not to indulge in activities like bending, straining and lifting as they infer with the natural healing process. Also, don’t indulge in any sexual activities until your doctor recommends.

Find the Best Dermatologist!

 Dermatologist in Delhi, best dermatologist, breast lifting surgeryIt’s very crucial that you get consultation from the best dermatologist as small error from an inexperienced practitioner can be a very regretful deal for you. In this regard, you can log on to to find the best dermatologist in Delhi. On this web page, you can read the comments, experiences and testimonials from various patients that have gone through successful treatments from Dr. Gupta. No more worrying and hassles to find the best dermatologist in Delhi; it is just a click away from you!


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