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dermatologist in Delhi - Botox Is Not a Cosmetic Treatment Alone; It Is an Aesthetic Treatment As Well!

Botox Is Not a Cosmetic Treatment Alone; It Is an Aesthetic Treatment As Well!

Everybody is going for Botox in Delhi; it is not a farfetched statement that we are making. Over the years, the success ratio of Botox and the affordable economics associated with it made it very popular among the masses; any sensible and updated dermatologist in Delhi is quite inclined about this treatment. It is a success story that traveled through various segments of the market; in the first run, it was the beauty secret of celebrities; then it became a character makeup tool for the soap opera artists; and finally, it is here, and now anyone can have a picture perfect face because Botox is around and it is affordable.

There Is a Difference between Cosmetic Treatments and Aesthetic Treatments

The selection of a good skin specialist in Delhi can be a tricky job for many people. Most of the people rely on mediocre skin specialists in Delhi, here we would like to share a myth that is prevailing in the market – many beauty shops, parlors and even some of the lesser aware skin specialists are selling Botox creams. Here we would like to make it clear that they are fake; Botox in a cream form has very little prospects of success. Consult with a seasoned dermatologist in Delhi; you can visit pages like and they will tell you that Botox in the cream base form is a big lie that they are selling in the market.

The Truth behind the Botox Cream

Last two decades have seen the emergence of a different kind of beauty culture; this industry is growing rapidly and exponentially. Imposters under the guise of these specialists and beauty clinics are out for loot. Never purchase a Botox cream, always remember Botox is a treatment done by an expert; it is not a stand-alone cream coming your way and bailing you out from the agony of a wrinkled face.

Judge Them on the Merit of Aesthetics

Botox, as a process, seems very easy for rookies; it is a yet another injection that they are injecting in the face for a change. However, see it from the perspective of a well-informed dermatologist in Delhi. Here you will find that they consider it as a job of a sculpture artist. For some average specialist, Botox may be another job to get rid of the wrinkles that are appearing on the face with the aging. However, for a sensible dermatologist of Delhi like Dr Sandesh at, it is a treatment related to the aesthetics of the face.

Botox Is a Search for Your Best Face and Its Retention Throughout

Dermatologist in DelhiMost of the people think that Botox is yet another way of getting rid of the wrinkles that strike a person with the impact of aging. However, the truth is something else, Botox is a much more developed science, an ideal dermatologist would first explore the possibilities of your face; and ideally speaking, our best face touches us in mid 20’s. With the help of Botox, they first take your best face to the level of a perfect face. They bring it closer to the prevailing criteria of beauty and aesthetics; it is the corrective part of a Botox session; and once it is done, then they try to maintain this face for as long as possible. This is how we can sum up the exercise of Botox treatment in concisely.


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