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Acne Vulgaris

Acne vulgaris is one of the most common dermatologic disorders encountered in everyday clinical practice. It is a disease of the sebaceous follicle, primarily the pilosebaceous units located on the face, chest, and back. Inflammatory and non- inflammatory lesions presents with highly variable morphologies.

Specific Investigations

None are required routinely.

  • Consider microbiology to exclude Gram- positive or- negative folliculitis
  • Consider endocrine work-up if hyperandrogenemia is suspected


Comedonal Acne

  • Topical retinoids

Mild Papulopustular Acne

  • Benzoyl peroxide (topical) with topical retinoids or with topical antimicrobials ( antibiotics or azelaic acid)

Moderate Populopustular Acne Without Scarring

  • Benzoyl peroxide ( topical) with topical retinoids and topical antibiotics

Moderate Populopustular Acne With Light Scarring

  • For males use oral antibiotics ( tetracyclines, macrolieds) with benzoyl peroxide (topical) or topical retinoids
  • For femals use an oral anti- androgen contraceptive with benzoyl peroxide (topical) and topical antibiotics

Severe Populopustular Acne

  • Oral isotretioin

Nodulocystic and / or Conglobate Acne

  • Oral isotretioin

Acne Fluminans

  • Oral isotretioin with low-dose oral corticosteroids


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