Lavatron (RF) Diathermy Therapy In Delhi with expert Dermatologist.

Lavatron (RF) Diathermy Therapy

Lavatron (RF) Diathermy Therapy In Delhi

Lavatron works by increasing the temperature of deep dermis & hypo dermis at a depth of 3-5 mm, improves cellular function, blood circulation, relieves pain, and enhances the regeneration of collagen tissues in a non-invasive manner. Due to this, it has a precise lifting effect to improve the skin elasticity, body shape & removing wrinkles. In addition, the heat melts the cellulite and helps in reducing the fat, resulting in significant inch loss and skin tightening. Six to eight sessions are usually recommended at an interval of 10 days for effective results.


Listed below are the conditions which are effectively treated with this therapy-

a) Face Lifting

b) Dark Circles- It is an effective treatment for dark circles as well. Dark circles can be caused due to genetic reasons, excess sun exposure, disturbed function of lacrimal glands and deficient sleep. This procedure works by the generation of new cells by increasing the blood flow and improving the lymphatic circulation of the eyelids, thereby reducing the pigments and puffiness and gives you the enchanting eyes.

c) Instant Inch Loss of any part of body e.g. ABDOMEN, THIGHS, BUTTOCKS, ARMS, BREAST SHAPING

d) Hair Loss

e) Wrinkle Removal

f) Fat Removal

g) Enhancing scalp health- Deep heating technology of Laverton RF also helps in enhancing scalp health by improving blood circulation and supplying lots of oxygen and nutrients. This sprouts new hair and prevents them from falling by stimulating the roots via thermal effect.

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