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dermatologist in Delhi - Vitiligo Treatment Options Offered By Dermatologists And Skin Specialists Based In Delhi

Vitiligo Treatment Options Offered By Dermatologists And Skin Specialists Based In Delhi

Vitiligo might not give you pain or be infectious, but it surely looks pretty bad, hence making all the Dermatologists and Skin Specialists in Delhi providing services to get you an even skin tone.

Vitiligo is basically a lack of skin pigments in certain areas of the body making them appear paler and whiter than the rest of the skin. It is asymptomatic and has no particular reason for formation. But it has become very common in India mainly in areas near Delhi and NCR. Vitiligo leads to impaired self-esteem and inability to have a social life because people just stare at you like you’re an alien or something! And it’s frustrating, which is why it becomes important to treat this condition so you can live a normal life without having to be a laughing stock or a subject of gaze and shock amongst people around you at work or anywhere.

Vitiligo is diagnosed by your medical history and local examination and a family history of vitiligo. You may have an autoimmune thyroid disease if you have vitiligo so your thyroid blood levels will also be monitored.

Dermatologists and Skin Specialists in Delhi and their treatment regimen for Vitiligo.

There are many ways to treat vitiligo and dermatologists in Delhi have a lot of techniques to help you regain your skin colour. Or you can use cosmetics and tanning methods but they are expensive and time consuming. This method is good for kids who shouldn’t be exposed to harmful medicines and chemicals. Various medicines can also be applied that can regenerate pigments in the affected area. Mainly steroids are used and are applied directly onto the skin. Medicines are a great and effective option for areas on the face. But you can’t use them all the time as they have side effects. And not all medicines are safe for the facial areas. Light treatment is also a good option, it is very effective. You just need to sit in a light chamber and receive laser radiations that repigment the skin. This is effective for the face and requires 2 to 3 sittings weekly for some time to be fully effective, but the results are satisfactory.

Other methods used by Dermatologists and Skin Specialists in Delhi are PUVA light therapy which uses Ultraviolet rays and a chemical known as psoralen that repigments the skin. You can take psoralen pills or apply it topically. It is good for various areas of the body but may harm the eyes sometimes. This is a very time consuming treatment but very effective. Surgery can also be done and is an effective treatment method when medicines and light therapy don’t work. Depigmentation is also a great option and is currently being used extensively for vitiligo. This treatment leaves your entire skin devoid of pigments so you become fairer and your skin gets one shade. Although a long process, and expensive too, it is a great and highly effective option and can yield great results. You require to use creams that help depigmentation stay and progress otherwise the pigments will start forming again.


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