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dermatologist in Delhi - Hair Transplants By Dermatologists And Skin Specialists In Delhi And The Implications Of It

Hair Transplants By Dermatologists And Skin Specialists In Delhi And The Implications Of It

Balding and hair loss is a very common occurrence in Indian populations especially in metro cities like Delhi so a lot of dermatologists and skin specialists based there are proving hair transplant options to restore your confidence and give you a head full of hair.

As hair loss and thinning affects even the young populations now, hair transplants become really important as a bald head leads to a lot of ridicule and embarrassment and is detrimental to self-esteem and even your professional and personal aspects of life. You can’t get married, you can’t date that girl of your dreams, your friends laugh at your expense, and basically everything sucks for you because the world takes everything at face value today. Hair transplants are here to change that. And you will walk out a confident, smart man.

The process of hair transplants as done by Dermatologists and Skin Care Specialists in Delhi

This procedure involves taking hair that’s already present on your body to an area that lacks it. This surgery has been performed by dermatologists worldwide since the 1950s but now the methods have changed a lot. There are 2 ways of going about the procedure depending on the density of hair on your head. The techniques are follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) or follicular unit extraction (FUE).

Both procedures are carried out under local anesthesia. The main difference between FUE and FUSS is that in FUSS, your hair is grafted onto your scalp by excising a part of it while in FUE the hair follicles are pulled out and placed over the target area. Holes and dots are created which shall heal with time. The whole procedure takes around 6 to 8 hours.

You will be prescribed some antibiotic creams and pills and anti-inflammatory ointments as well as tablets to soothe the area and help heal it. Healing will take time, and as your transplanted hair falls, you will see new growth in a few months. Hence, you got to be patient. There will be a few risks and after effects like bleeding, scarring, and infection but this is a normal outcome of a surgical procedure and the medicines will take care of it. A lot of people will tell you that your hair looks artificial, don’t buy what they say, they are not used to seeing you like this.

You might have some degree of inflammation around the new growth but it’s totally normal. If you get folliculitis, consult your doctor and keep taking your medicines. This is a great option for people in Delhi with such a high percentage of dermatologists in the city, and this being an affordable and convenient option can really turn your life around. Nobody will call you a baldhead anymore and your confidence levels will reach an all new high! Just be careful of the credentials of the dermatologists you consult as any goof up will lead to side effects.


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