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dermatologist in Delhi - Find the right dermatologist in Delhi to get Melasma treated: Here’s what you need to find out!

Find the right dermatologist in Delhi to get Melasma treated: Here’s what you need to find out!

Melasma is a chronic skin condition charaterized by blotchy, symmetrical and brownish pigmentation. Notably, these marks are visible on your “face”. That makes matter worse. Yes. While it is still possible for you to hide seemingly embarrassing marks on your hands or other parts of your body, you can’t do it with your face. Facial marks are under constant “scrutiny” and that becomes quite a cause of distress for the sufferers.

Educating yourself about the particular skin condition: What you should make yourself aware of

Let us tell you that melasma is treatable. There is no need to be bogged down by the feeling that you just cannot get rid of the facial blotches – ever. Find out a credentialed Dermatologist in Delhi who can help you find your way out of your woes. Additionally educate yourself about Melasma in general- just to ensure that you are well-informed about the cause of your distress. Read on to explore.

Now, to start off with – let us tell you that identifying the cause of this particular skin condition is not really easy at the first place. You can consult the most experienced Dermatologist in Delhi out there and he/she will tell you that the cause of this particular skin disorder is quite complex. The pigmentation occurs owing to the overproduction of melanin by melanocytes, pigment cells. The pigment deposits are visible through the uppermost or the epidermis layer of your skin. This is actually known as the basic trigger of Melasma. Listed below are other causes:

  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight remains one of the major causes behind this particular skin disorder – the risk entailed, is definitely, avoidable
  • Melasma may also spring from certain medications, toileteries, scented or perfumed deodorant soaps. These agents are responsible for phototoxic reactions that may cause melasma staying for a long time on your skin
  • Hypothyroidism is one reason why you may experience this skin condition
  • Contraceptive pills (Hormone treatmentsoral) containing progesterone or estrogen, hormone replacement and implants are a few triggers that might result in long-term “suffering”

Here’s more about it

One of the very common signs of pigmentation or Melasma is under-eye dark circle. This can take place owing to various reasons including puffy eyelids, loss of fatty tissue around your eyes or eyelids, thin and transluscent skin, bulging fat and muscle loss.

It has to be remembered that women are more vulnerable to Melasma than men and that elderly people and those having a non-white background are more prone to dark circles. People with genetic predisposition are equally vulnerable.

Ageing, genetic factors, system issues, smoking, sleep deprivation, eye-scratching or rubbing and atopic dermatitis are just a few of the triggers for loss of fatty tissue. Measures like reduced smoking, better sleep and adequate nutrition can help you combat this condition.

Medical treatments include Photo facial, Viora Reaction, Switched ND Yag Laser (particularly meant to treat epidermal and dermal pigmentation), Chemical Peels and multipolar RF therapy. Consult a qualified dermatologist in Delhi to find out about these treatments and be duly informed.


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