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dermatologist in Delhi - Cryosurgery Services Available For Warts By Dermatologists And Skin Specialists In Delhi

Cryosurgery Services Available For Warts By Dermatologists And Skin Specialists In Delhi

Warts are probably the ugliest thing that can happen to someone, and Dermatologists and Skin Specialists in Delhi understand that. Hence they have introduced cryotherapy services for the removal of warts. Warts are as common as diarrhoea today, and they are caused by a virus if you didn’t know that. The virus is called the Human Papilloma Virus and this virus has the potential to cause cancer. Does this make you take it more seriously now? Please do. Looks might not matter, but your health surely does. What happens in Cryotherapy is that the wart is subjected to freezing temperatures using a substance with a potent freezing power, like liquid nitrogen. As the wart is frozen, it shrivels and shrinks.

The wart removal process may get painful but it’s totally worth all that pain. A little part of your wart may be cut off using a knife and you may require local anaesthesia. As the wart is sprayed or wiped with the liquid nitrogen, you will notice the wart regressing over time. This process may require multiple sittings, but the removal is guaranteed and recurrence rates are quite less. Please remember you need at least 2 to 3 weeks of gap between each sitting. You can also perform this procedure at home but you need to be very careful. Here, instead of liquid nitrogen a dimethyl ether and propane formulation is provided. This method is safe for all parts of the body but avoid using it for warts in the genital area. This is a risky procedure so you need to be very particular with instructions and precautions. Dermatologists usually advise against this treatment

Trends in Delhi with the Cryotherapy Treatments by Dermatologists and Skin Specialists

Delhi is fast becoming a hub of cryotherapy treatments as the populations are more susceptible to developing these warts and people from various regions come to the city to get them removed. When chemical treatments to remove warts fail, this treatment is ideal. The only catch is, you should be able to tolerate some pain.

After the Treatment:

You will be in pain for 3 to 4 days but the wart will heal within 2 weeks to form a blister. If the blister bursts never touch the liquid as it contains the virus which may get you infeted again. Also keep the blister intact as it will dessicate and fall off and the wart will be removed too.In some cases, the nerves may be damaged due to extensive freezing so please consult an expert and qualified dermatologist for this procedure. If you have pus formation, fever, pain, swelling or heating sensation please consult your dermatologist as soon as possible as you may have contracted an infection.

What you should keep in mind

  • Apart from the pain and the price involved, cryotherapy is an excellent option.
  • You should be ready for multiple sittings
  • This procedure takes less time and is effective, with no scarring.
  • You can even get rid of the bigger warts without having to worry about recurrence.

Video Procedure