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Botox and Fillers

Our fast life and the lifestyle are very drastically changing, which makes us to get old faster. But no worries now! As with the advancement of technology, you now have the privilege to find any good dermatologist in Delhi easily available to you, who could assist you in having your long cherished beauty back to you and give you a natural looking beautiful face. With the growing demand of cosmetic surgeries and other skin rejuvenating processes, the demand of skin specialists in Delhi have increased enormously. It is a no big deal now to find an experienced and technically advanced dermatologist in Delhi. Out of several Laser & Hair rejuvenating procedures, Botox & Fillers have gained popularity nowadays for its increasing success rate and good results. Aging, laughing, sun exposure leaves unwanted ugly marks on your face. Such signs are very easily removed with proven techniques by a carefully chosen dermatologist in Delhi, who uses injectables like Botox and fillers to treat different kinds of patients with same need.


Botox is a simple treatment and can be performed on almost everybody. Your dermatologist will not allow you to go for it only when you are pregnant or breastfeeding or also in the case where you are allergy prone to any chemical or have any infection near to the injection area.


A very experienced dermatologist in Delhi will do the rejuvenating process with ample ease and 100% satisfaction. The process takes a few minutes, which is performed by injecting a very small amount of diluted filler into the skin with utmost fine needle associating no pain at all throughout the entire process. This non-surgical method requires no anaesthesia as it ends with only a prick of an ultra fine needle.

How Safe?

This treatment involves no or minimum risk to the patient. The procedure involves no pain or discomfort; few minutes of the process, and it will start showing up the results within 7days from injecting. The effect lasts for a stretch of four to six months, which any good dermatologist in Delhi is very free enough to discuss with you.


Alongside the Botox treatment of wrinkle removal, procedures like Fillers are also renowned and practiced by every experienced and technologically advanced dermatologist in Delhi, who can give you a complete rejuvenated skin that may last from four months to a year within a span of few minutes only.


Your skin specialist in Delhi can give you a wrinkle free skin in less than 30 minutes with this low cost treatment, which costs much less than a face lift, and this is done by injecting wrinkle fillers into your skin that help in relaxing the skin beneath the wrinkles and fill the lines, removing the creases to make worry lines disappear.

How Safe?Botox and Fillers, Dermatologist in Delhi

Those treatments which have short lasting results tend to be less risky. Other than few allergies and small red bumps which go away in a day or two; it is not risky. If the right filler is selected by your skin specialist in Delhi, a treatment like this is safe.

You can be more tension-free if you are making the wise decision of selecting a highly experienced dermatologist in Delhi and visit the webpage and read the live testimonials before the therapy.


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