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Botox and Fillers – Look Young, Feel Young!

You do a lot of hacks every day to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. All the cosmetics and creams and oils may also have an adverse effect on your skin and may damage it. Many people prefer Botox and fillers for their face and body to enhance their features and make them more attractive. Botox and fillers are very famous especially among women. Dr. Sandesh Gupta, who is a long-familiar dermatologist in Delhi, offers all such services to his customers and clients with an assurance of positive and better results. His team of dermatologists offers all such treatments, which prove to be useful to their clients.

What Is Botox?

Botox and fillers in delhi, dermatologist in Delhi, Botox and fillers treatment in delhi, skin specialist in delhiBotox is a purified protein, which is injected in a person’s face or body through needles. It is mainly used to enhance some of the features for a temporary period of time. It relaxes the muscles, which are responsible for the aging lines and wrinkles; this give a more younger and enhanced look to the person’s face. It is used to reduce the lines on the forehead and wrinkles. Dr. Sandesh Gupta, a famous dermatologist in Delhi is a pro at this.

The Procedure

Many people are scared of going under the needle and get a Botox done, mainly because of the pain they feel is going to happen. To inform those fearful beauty aspirants, Botox is a simple, quick and painless procedure. The area which is to be treated is first cleaned and a numbing cream is applied so that the person does not feel anything when it is done. After about an hour of numbing, the area which is to be treated is highlighted and the protein is injected through injections. The person is going to feel no pain or swelling or redness. However, in some cases, there might be a little bruise left behind. Any special care after the treatment is not required. The results will be visible to the person after three days and it will remain up to a period of six months.

What Are Fillers?

Botox and fillers in delhi, dermatologist in DelhiIt is a type of a non-surgical cosmetic treatment for people who seek a more youthful, vibrant and fuller look. It is mainly done for the cheek bones and lips, where they give a facelift to the person’s face to give it a more youthful look. Fillers usually contain acids for the skin, which a person starts losing as age progresses. These acids are injected into the face to fill the face, which make it look younger and fuller. Dr. Sandesh Gupta, a great dermatologist in Delhi, provides these services which are very professional and high tech.

The Procedure

Botox and fillers treatment in delhi, skin specialist in delhiThese fillers are injected through injections to fill up the gaps from where the acid is vanishing. The area to be treated is first cleansed and a numbing cream is applied to numb the pain. After an hour, the treatment is done by inducing the acids and the results are immediate. No special care is required and the results stay up to eight months.

In a city like Delhi, there are many dermatologists who provide such services. Dr. Sandesh Gupta ( is a highly popular dermatologist in Delhi, who uses laser treatments for all such services and a guaranteed “no pain and all gain” procedure.


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