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dermatologist in Delhi - All you need to know about Vitiligo

All you need to know about Vitiligo

Vitiligo is essentially a pigmentation disorder affecting human skin. In order to comprehend how this particular disorder works, you need to acquaint yourself with the composition of the human skin itself. Having a brief idea about the same will do.

Don’t just suffer, educate yourself about vitiligo as well

Our skin contains special skin cells called melanocytes, responsible for producing pigment melanin that renders the skin its color. In case you are suffering from Vitiligo then the special skin cells and the tissues lining inside your mouth, genital areas, rectal areas, mouth and retina of your eyes are destroyed. This results in the formation of white patches on different parts of your bodies. The hair growing on the affected parts is white as well. The number of people across the globe, affected by this particular disorder is quite unnerving to begin with. There are around 40 to 50 million people who get affected by the same. In the United States of America alone, there are more than 2 million people suffering from it.

The importance of finding out the fundamentals of this skin disorder

Though the numbers (that of the sufferers) are big, the exact cause of vitiligo is yet to be found. If you ask the best Dermatologist In Delhi, he or she can explain the fundamentals of this disease to you. In fact, a dermatology clinic will only start treating you after explaining the basis of their diagnosis.

As per a theory, patients with vitiligo actually develop antibodies that destroy their special cells instead of protecting them. There are others who opine that these cells end up destroying themselves.

In certain cases, prolonged exposure to the sun and emotional distress are also held responsible for this particular disorder. Other causes include thyroid, diabetes mellitus, weak immune system, chemical trauma, unrestricted contact with chemicals and genetics.

As you have already understood by now the most dominant symptom of vitiligo are the white patches we have mentioned above. These patches are most likely to occur on arms, face, feet and lips.

An experienced Dermatologist in Delhi will duly make you aware of the fact that the cause of the skin disorder is unpredictable. So, are its course and nature. You will definitely be recommended a healthy and balanced diet with significant inclusion of vitamins. Avoid stressing too much about things happening around you. Steer clear of unrestricted exposure to the sun as well.

How should you seek medical help in order to address this skin condition?

Adopt due sagacity while seeking professional help as well. Make sure you are only consulting a credentialed Dermatologist in Delhi. There is no dearth of dermatology clinics in Delhi but not all are equally credentialed to provide quality treatment to patients. Look out for highly advanced treatment facilities including medical therapy (to stop further damage), surgery (only conducted when the patient is suffering from stable vitiligo – i.e. when the size of the patches hasn’t increased in the last three months) and phototherapy aimed at restoring color by activation of melanocytes.


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